Под настроение.

Все, что нужно, у меня уже есть. Осталось только научиться этим пользоваться. =3
Listen in
Hear me out
Can you understand a word that I say
Life will never turn out the way you want it

Working hard like a slave
Cause its his choice to take the hardest way
Why does the wind blow cold and always the wrong way
You gotta keep your head high, and try to be strong
They will try to steal everything you own,
It goes on and on and on

On and on...

Grab the bull by the horns try to make something out of your life
Your the only one that can make it happen
The fire in your eyes is slowly fading out
You cannot give up your dreams
You gotta go on and on and on

On and on...

Giving up is easy just to throw away your life
If you want to take control
You can't give up without a fight
It goes on and on

On and on...

@музыка: Pain - On and on

@настроение: Арр-р-р-р-р-р-р-р! *___*


Храм души.